Mission Statement: Local Investment Opportunity Network of North East Seattle (LIONNES) creates opportunities for local investors to network with local business owners and together build a more resilient and sustainable economy in Seattle.

History: We didn’t invent this! Nope, we are building on some great work already done by many others all over the USA and the world! We recommend that you take a look at this link below and you’ll learn a lot about how this works and what others have accomplished.

Local Investing Resource Center

LIONNES has grown out of work by Sustainable NE Seattle and its Local Economy/Local Currency group. Our group started in early 2014. We are an inclusive network and welcome anyone who wants to help build a sustainable local economy to apply for membership. LIONNES is not an investment club or legal entity of any kind. It is simply a network of community members who share a strong interest in building a resilient and sustainable local  economy. Members make investments individually that reflect their own values and financial strategies. LIONNES offers no legal, investment, or financial advice, nor does LIONNES itself solicit, offer, or recommend any investment opportunities.


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